For small businesses in an increasingly competitive digital marketplace, it is always great to find new and easy ways to help set you apart from your competitors.  Here’s a tip that can boost Google Business Profile performance for you. Coming off of great research done by the folks at Sterly Sky, we are learning that the services you list in your Google Business Profile can lead to jumps in performance.  Of course, check out their article for the nitty gritty, but my job is to bring my audience the easy things they can do to help. Essentially, adding specific niche services to your Google Business Profile will help in a number of ways.

Services Help Your GBP Ranking

This is usually the big question. Does it impact my ranking? Well, a study done in 2022 showed that your service listings do in fact impact your rankings. It makes sense. I have been saying “feed the Google beast” with information for years.  The more the algorithm can learn and understand about your business, the better. So think through some of those services you offer that may not be common enough to already be on the predefined list and add them as custom services.  Google can then see this in your listing and apply it to those specific searches. It makes your listing more relevant for those that are searching for answers to very specific problems you might have the solution for.

Niche Services Help Your Click-Through-Rate of Your GBP

As you can see in the title image of this blog post, Google has begun showing “Provides:” and the service someone has searched for when a very specific service comes up. Now, in this example, you may want to think through your wording. One of these law firms says it provides “slip and falls” rather than “Slip and Fall Lawyers”.  You won’t want to cause the slip and fall so think through how it will show up to the user. But a searcher seeing that the business specifically offers what you are looking for is more likely to click on that listing than on one that doesn’t.

Higher CTR Can Mean Higher Rankings

Google likes to present searchers with the best answer to their query, so if they see that your listing gets clicked on more often by searchers, they are likely to show it more often, which can then have a secondary impact on your rankings, which we already pointed out can be boosted just by having the services listed. So it is a two-for-one type of deal.

Edit GBP Services 2023

How to Edit Your Services in GBP

It is quite simple. Simply find your listing on Google while logged into the account that has access to make changes to your listing. Then click on “Edit Your Services” and add your own.  Think through or do keyword research on what people search for that you offer. There are typically more specific searches related to your broader offerings. Think them through and add a good list, but also remember to use wording that appears helpful and not hurtful in the results.  Simply and easy way to improve performance.

Create Your Own GBP Services 2023