The latest You Can Be Found anywhere is from the Schoodic Peninsula in Maine, a lesser traveled area of Acadia National Park, one of my favorite places. Some of my favorite hikes were in the relative quiet of the Schoodic Peninsula.  This month we focus on the rock hard fundamentals needed to build your SEO plan.  While many try to game the system or find back doors to Google success, sustained success comes from following the rules and serving your visitors and users in the best way possible, with SEO structure and implementation in mind. Below are a few SEO fundamentals to keep in mind.

Pages for Ranking Concepts

If you have something you want to rank for, it is worth dedicating a page to it.  Users don’t like to have to search around on a page to find what they are searching for, so dedicating a page to a topic with a nice clear headline and thorough explanation of your offerings is key.  Use meta-tags to properly label the page for Google, letting the algorithm know what the page is about.

Thorough, Digestible, and Valuable Content

Make sure your content actually has value and is useful to the visitor.  Don’t just add a page because you want to rank for it. Put some thought into what the user wants and explain it thoroughly.  You may say people are frightened away by long content. I hear that a lot. They aren’t scared away if you make it digestible by breaking it up into headings the clearly depict what each chunk of text is about and throwing in video and images to help tell the story.

Easy to Use Navigation

My mother in law was recently asking for help on a shopping site because she couldn’t figure out how to get to the products she wanted. User Experience (UX) is critical for not only SEO but digital marketing success. People need to be able to easily locate everything they want to find once they are on the site. Otherwise, they will just leave and go somewhere where they can. Everything important should be clearly only a click or two away from where they landed.

We are being called in more and more to oversee website transitions and upgrades. If you need help on this front, give us a call. Always think about what should be clear and obvious fundamentals. If you get them right, everything will build much easier on top of it.