A few weeks back I had the opportunity to sneak out to Pennsylvania to cross a park off my list that I had heard about for years.  It was also nice that it included a great waterfall too. People climb up through the woods here with a hammer to hear the unique sounds of the ringing rocks. Some have become pretty adept at playing the rocks.  You can also drive to the top if you aren’t up for as strenuous of a hike.

Here’s a fun view into some people that really know percussion and how to play the rocks.

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Hey, this is Jeremy skillings with another You Can Be Found Anywhere, I’m at Ringing Rocks Park in Pennsylvania, known for its famous and unique ringing rock noises from the rocks if you pound on them. You can hear in the background some people doing that as I speak. If you want to get your phones ringing for your business with a great digital marketing plan, please give us a call at You Can Be Found. Thanks again, this is Jeremy skillings, with another You Can Be Found Anywhere, get your business found while you’re out doing the things you love doing.

Check out a bonus shot of the waterfall.

Ringing Rocks County Park Waterfall Anywhere