With the world in a unique situation, this month the You Can Be Found Anywhere finds me in quarantine, much like most of the world.

SEO Primary Marketing Channel During Quarantine

However, being in quarantine helps underline the importance of SEO even more for gaining new clients, customers, and patients. A recent Search Engine Land Study showed SEO as an overwhelming leader for the top performing online channel in 2019, and with people stuck in their houses most of the day for at least another month, it becomes more important than ever.

The search terms may have changed a bit, with spikes in service modifiers like “curb side” and “no contact” that may not have been overly important to customers just a month ago.  With many changing or at least tweaking their business methods for the current climate, there is a lot of opportunity out there to rank highly for some of these newer approaches like “virtual” and “Zoom” that didn’t have demand in the past. Now more than ever is a time to get started on your proper SEO journey. It will pay off over the long haul as more and more businesses rely on SEO for their lead business driver. We are offering a couple of deals at this difficult time to get a leg up on your SEO, now in this quickly changing business climate.

So while you are passing the time with Netflix or watching old sports reruns, remember every time you Google something, somebody may be Googling to find the service your business offers. While you are stuck inside, you could have Google working for you.  Get started today!