These are difficult times for small business owners and we aren’t sure when they will end. Business owners are adjusting their business models to switch to the current situation with curbside loading zones and moving to online sales. One thing is certain in the quarantine landscape.  From inside our homes, the only real way to be found by those that don’t already know you, is online.

SEO So Important During Quarantine

SEO has become more important than ever in this quarantine climate. Those that already have worked hard at earning rankings are getting found. Those that haven’t would be well served to start focusing on SEO now.  With the fundamental purpose of You Can Be Found to help small businesses, I am working at some relief ideas for small businesses that need to shift their focus to SEO in these tough times. Hopefully, when all of this is through, we all find we have grown because of some of the adjustments we make during this time. It can cause growth in normal times when you have added extra functionality or specializations to your business offerings.

With the fundamental change in the way people are approaching their needs for small businesses, new keyword phrases are going to shoot up in importance. Phrases like “delivery”, “pickup”, “sanitized”, etc. will grow in importance and will need good content to be found.  A good SEO plan can assist with this. Knowing how important SEO is to business, I am starting with a two-pronged assistance plan for businesses.  I may add more over the coming days and I am working out the kinks of these plans to make sure they can work from a financial standpoint and from a logistics standpoint, but here is what we have for now to get you aimed in the right direction as everyone starts primarily searching from home.

SEO Assistance Plans for Small Businesses During Coronavirus Quarantine

Below are the first new offerings we have for small business owners looking to get going with good SEO.

Half Off First Two Months for Plans Starting in March and April

Emergency SEO HelpIf you want to get started at showing up in Google, we are now offering 50% off the first two months of an SEO plan that you start in March or April and is for $1,000/month or more.  That means for a $1K/month plan, the first two months will only be $500.  Basically a month for free, but you can ease in during the uncertain times. We can only offer for plans at $1K or higher because less than that really won’t help you in a significant way and we want to be true to how SEO works.  You will get a customized plan from an A+ BBB business that has been doing this successfully since 2006. We aren’t going anywhere and we prioritize staying up to date and adjusting your plan every month to move you forward. No BS, just progress.

$299 One Hour Custom SEO Video Consultation for Owners or Staff

For those of you not quite that ready to dive in, I am offering one on one time with you or someone on your staff, over video conference.  Bring your site login info and you will have me at your service for the full hour to focus on the most important things to help you.  We can show you some or all of the below tactics, as wanted or needed:

  • How to aim your content at the desired keywords
  • Keyword research for volume and competitiveness
  • Competitive research
  • Technical Audits
  • Link Research
  • Google My Business (GMB) Tactics and Support
  • Site Speed
  • Access to Industry paid tools

I hope in providing these options I can be there to help get people over the hump to succeed in these difficult times when SEO is more important than ever.  Please give us a call or fill out our contact form.  Leave a message with your contact information, if giving a call.  We are getting a lot of calls at this time. Looking forward to hearing from you and helping.