Proud to be involved again with Asbury Park Porchfest. As porchfests have been taking the country by storm in recent years, my first experience with fun local event concept came before I moved over to Asbury Park.  I happened across it one day years ago on a visit to town and asked about it.  I see now why it has become so popular and I see it showing up all around the country, from up the road in Red Bank, NJ to even towns near where I grew up back in rural PA. Asbury Park’s is scheduled for tomorrow, September 30th. However, with the weather not looking great. Keep in mind that the rain date is for Sunday, the 1st of October. Sunday looks like it will be a crystal clear and lovely day.  No matter which day it lands this weekend, I highly recommend it. It is a great time for music lovers and it is free because it is covered by sponsors and volunteering.  What a great win-win for everyone. Of course, you can also donate to the cause on the website.  See below to know where the money goes.  Great way to help the community.

From the Site on Donations:

100% OF THE MONEY DONATED GOES TO HELP THE PEOPLE OF ASBURY PARK. Last year the money went to residents affected by Covid and to full musical scholarships to deserving kids in AP. In previous years it went to projects like building public gardens and college scholarships for graduating seniors in need. We partner with groups like Interfaith Neighbors to provide assistance for those in need.

Local Event Sponsorships and SEO

Since I am a digital marketing consultant and SEO guru, I should point out how sponsoring local events like this can be a great win-win in another way. Links to your website are important ranking factors in the Google algorithm. Every link coming into your site tells Google a story about your business. Links from local events tell Google you are active in your community and give you more credibility for local searches in their algorithm, as well as giving you exposure to your community and of course, helping whatever cause your sponsorship dollars are going to. If you are a locally targeted business, adding local sponsorships to your digital marketing plan is very helpful to your online presence too, as long as you get links back to your site from the event website.  Make sure you ask. Of course, it is okay to support any cause that is important to you, but why not get an SEO boost from it as well?  Think about adding some events to your marketing plan.

You Can Be Found at Porch Fest This Weekend

Please come check it out.  I will be found there this weekend.  Whatever type of music you may be into, you can likely find it here. They have 23 different genre’s represented, with at least one band or artist from each genre. Everything from “Acoustic” to “World”, and from “Folk” to “Funk”. You simply walk or ride your bike from house to house and take in the music you like. If you aren’t into one style, just head a block or two away and listen to something else.  Bands start playing on every porch at 1 and the last bands start at 5. There is even a pre-party hosted by Danny Clinch at Asbury Lanes before everything gets started. Check it all out. I hope to see you there. Grab a T-shirt while you are there!  Have fun.