NYC is one of the biggest and most competitive markets in the world for nearly any business battling it out for success.  As the Google algorithm gets more specific and Google ads get more competitive, unique opportunities pop up, where if you are willing to do the work and outsmart your competitors, you can often make up ground by spending your budget more efficiently and avoiding cookie cutter approaches.

Every Search Is Unique

Every search has its own competitive landscape, whether it is content, link strength, and technical factors against other sites and pages, or higher click costs and battling for quality score in the paid search arena.  In the SEO world, if you work hard and approach each individual search with intelligence, you can outsmart and outplay all of the competitors out there in this extremely competitive market.  “Content is King” and Google is in the business of providing the best “answer” and “experience” to their searchers.  If you can work to make sure you provide that, you are in better shape.  We are reaching the stage where generic doesn’t work and specific will rule the day.

Geographic Intent Searches Are Huge in NYC

Local Search MarketingGoogle will often apply local intent to searches based on user preferences based on their actions such as where they click and how long they stay once they leave the search engine results page.  More and more searches are triggering a local search result and with NYC, that intent is even greater and the number of searches is even larger, meaning specific search query statistics are often under-reported and it creates a great opportunity for extra traffic and potential customers and clients.  Where a small local business in the middle of Kansas may only need to cover the minimum ABC’s of local search to get a solid presence, the ultra-competitive NYC market may require that you go further down the list and make sure more of your I’s are dotted and your T’s are crossed.  Having an experienced SEO that truly knows what they are doing and creates a custom plan for your market and for your most important terms can be the difference between success or failure in the coming year.  Google is regularly getting better at identifying ways to reward good sites and user experiences, and if you stay on top of the game, you can make tweaks to move forward before the competition.  Also, Google is constantly improving their ability to catch the cheaters, making negative SEO and those trying to take shortcuts to “fool Google” rewarded less often, so doing it right is more important now than it ever has been.

Digital Marketing Success Includes Staying On Top of the Latest Trends

In NYC, or anywhere, staying ahead of the competition means knowing the latest algorithm tweaks or Google Ads targeting options and possibly grabbing hold of that competitive advantage and being ready to jump ahead of your competitors as quickly as possible.  A competitive market like NYC needs someone that knows even more how to separate you from competitors with both technical, content and offline strategies to improve your digital presence.  We have been doing it right for over 12 years now and are an A+ BBB business. Give us a call if you want to get ahead in that competitive but opportunity-filled New York City market.