My latest You Can Be Found Anywhere comes straight from the Naeroyfjord in Norway, the most narrow fjord and a UNESCO site.  With such a beautiful and narrow piece of nature, I focus in on SEO and how having narrow, or very specific content, will help you get found for SEO.

Specific (Narrow) Content Works Best

The Google search engine is in the business of providing the best answer for a search, so you should be able to provide many very specific and helpful answers for questions potential customers or clients may ask you.  You hear the questions all of the time, and you answer the questions all the time.  Turn that into content. If one person asked, then many more were wondering the same thing. Filling your site with nice thorough answers and explanations about specific aspects of what you do or how your industry works provide a great user experience and establish you as the subject matter expert that you probably already are, but just need to show it to Google.

With that in mind, please check out the latest beautiful You Can Be Found Anywhere from the Fjords of Norway.  Then go back to the office and write out some of those frequently asked questions so you can start answering with your vast knowledge of the subject area.  It will pay off with new users and traffic knowing about your business, and you can convert those people to new customers.  Give it a shot.  Narrow those answers, and keep them fresh. Check back once a year and make sure they are relevant still. If not, update them with the latest changes. If you need help with your SEO or guidance with your content, please give us a call.