This month our You Can Be Found Anywhere segment finds me sliding down sliding rock at Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina.  I would highly recommend it.

Avoid Sliding SEO Rankings

The idea here is that if you see your rankings are sliding, you definitely want to call in a reputable SEO consultant to help you out. Whether it was the latest major Google algorithm update, which seem to be happening more often than ever, or a sudden drop after your latest site updated, it can probably be addressed and fixed by a consultant that knows what they are doing.

The consultant will first take a look at your analytics and timeline to try to connect the traffic loss to a date. From there, they can attach it to Google changes or changes you made yourself, and then adjust and fix the problem.  Some problems are easier to resolve than others, but knowing what it is is half the battle, and I see far too many business owners floundering for months over mistakes that could have been fixed relatively easily by someone that knew SEO.

It is much more fun to be at the top, as this video can attest to.  If you are ever near Brevard, NC and have some time on your hands, this is a worthwhile stop, but it is always worthwhile to get your business to the top of the rankings.  We offer custom-built SEO plans to help your business succeed in search but also can be brought in to oversee projects like site redevelopment to limit the potential Google damage from URL changes and content going away.  Please give us a call before you start sliding.