In the past year or so I have taken on more e-commerce clients to help in what are often very tough markets. Usually, in the e-commerce space, you are taking on not only Amazon but other brand behemoths that will always have stronger domains than your small business site. There is an answer to getting SEO presence though, by being specific and targeted and carving out your niche.

Content Deconstruction Moves the SEO Needle

SEO Content Deconstruction for EcommerceRather than taking on the big sites for the biggest and broadest terms, you can focus on something specific that you do well and focusing SEO efforts there. Content deconstruction can do wonders.  We have tools that deeply analyze the top ranking sites for specific keywords and can look at how you can capitalize.  We can work on extending your content or using semantic search to make sure that all of the critical supporting phrases show up in your content to enhance your main keyword. These days Google isn’t just looking for your keyword but also looking for other terms and phrases that it knows users like to be in the content. As an example, for the search phrase “NYC attractions”, Google knows that your content should include the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, even if these aren’t the main keyword you are targeting. This holds true for any search phrase, and we can help you figure this out and improve your content to better target the search phrase and users.

Building Individual SEO Page Strength

The other step to the equation is to build up strength to your niche. Again, you will probably never catch the big sites with overall domain strength, but you can win in smaller, more specific areas.  One client I have been working with since last year has seen a specific set of books they were focused on grow organic traffic by over 10,000%, coupled with growing from no organic traffic e-commerce sales to a significant amount, easily paying for the SEO budget. We did this by content deconstruction and focusing on getting their page out there in the SEO world by pushing for exposure and links.  You can see their organic traffic from Q2 compared to last year below. It was a huge win.  If you can focus on smaller pieces of the pie and offer the best information and user experience for that term, you can excel in small areas. Too often the small business tries to take on the big sites where they are strongest, when true success comes from very specific and targeted attacks. As you build in these specific areas, your whole site gains strength and you can then take on more and more topics.

Individual Page Deconstruction and Build SEO

The client referred to above is a national book publisher that sells unique Christian related books.  We were able to target one of their niches and have a drastic improvement with monthly traffic more than doubling over a year of work. We are now looking to expand to other topic areas.  With a targeted approach, you can have an answer and succeed. You just have to do it the right way and do it smartly. Check out their overall and Saint Augustine related (our initial niche target) search progress below.

New City Press Organic Traffic Trend Nov 2019


Here is the traffic trend for the Saint Augustine section of the site.

St Augustine Pages Organic Growth


If you want to get started with your own e-commerce SEO, we can help you find the right targets and get your plan rolling. Just give us a call and get started.