Google has come out with two significant updates in recent days to help business owners better use and understand their ranking factors and digital marketing management.  With an update to both the Page Speed Insights tool and an app for easier Google My Business (GMB) management, they are working hard to make Google tools easier to use and get more businesses to buy in and make Google their home page. The easier they can make GMB for the business owner, the more information and interaction the business owner will put on GMB, which allows Google to keep the searcher on Google with all of the information that they need, rather than necessarily clicking through to the website.  If they do click through, Google wants the website they end up on to be lightning fast and easy to use and they are offering even more information to help site owners improve user experience (UX).

Google Tool UpdatesGMB App Improvements

The GMB app now offers owner easier editing options for their business information as well as making it much easier to interact, with an easier addition of images, posts, and interaction with questions and reviews. This should make GMB much easier for the business owner to respond quickly and keep their GMB up to date.

Page Speed Insights Improvements

The new speed tool offers all types of new data from the field.  Though it may still be a bit technical for the average site owner, they can definitely point their web developer here for some solid information on what needs improvement to make the site perform better overall for the user.

In general, business owners should look through both of the articles here to understand some of the new offerings. This is all great news on making SEO and local search easier for business owners.