Local Businesses Looking to Support Local Races and Charity Events

As a runner and a small local business owner, I have been searching for ways to help local race directors and charity event organizers, while at the same time helping local businesses succeed. With my expertise in search engine optimization, I know the value of relevant links from local event sites to a small business. I also know that race directors and organizers can always use a few more dollars to make the race run smoothly.
I’m reaching out to local race directors and organizers to try to establish a relationship where clients can get a sponsorship or contributor link on the event site in exchange for some monetary contribution. I believe this could be a great win win for both sides. Businesses can build up their online profile by supporting worthy local events and organizers can get another supplemental form of income for their races.

Please contact us through our site or give me a call at 732 462 6019 if you have an interest in making this work together. I’d love to create a plan that works for both sides and I have a number of local businesses willing to participate.