Local U Advanced Santa Monica An important part of my business plan is to constantly be up to date on the latest and greatest ethical tactics to succeed in SEO, PPC, and local search. No matter how much you think you have SEO down, Google is always adjusting the rules, and it is important that you stay up to date on changes to best serve your clients. When it comes to local search tactics, the most efficient day in the world for gaining the best insight and knowledge on the latest and greatest tactics in local search is to attend Local U Advanced.  I have stalked this conference around the country for probably near a decade. Attending their events in Maryland, Texas, Seattle, and now Santa Monica, to name a few. It is always worthwhile. Even though I tell people the ABC’s of search have been the same for years, the technology and new offerings always keep things updating and adjusting, and to me, interesting.  After a deep dive in all things local search out here in Santa Monica, there are probably at least ten blog posts I could do about different topics, once I let everything settle in.  Of course some of the information I will keep to myself and my clients, but there is a lot that can be passed on to help people.

Local U Advanced Takes Local Search to the Next Level

Mary Bowling at Local U AdvancedOften in the world of SEO and local search, tactics that were once differentiators get adopted so universally that they don’t differentiate. You need to stay on top of what the most efficient way to use your client budget to move the dial is.  Information presented at Local U Advanced gets right at it. Of the thousands of things your clients or you can be doing with your limited time and budget, you want to know which things matter and which don’t.  Local U teaches you that. Local search legends like Mike Blumenthal and Mary Bowling never fail to provide you with extra nuggets of information that you weren’t aware of. Up and coming legends provide deep-dive data to help you use tactics to help your clients get to the next level. Each time I come in thinking maybe this one won’t be worth the trip and time, and each time I come away more blown away with new strategies and tactics, or tweaks to old strategies that get more efficient results. I couldn’t recommend it more highly to anyone that is an agency or just seriously interested in local search.  A big thank you for all of the crew at Local U for continuing to put on an amazing show each time they put on an event.