Inbound links have always been at the heart of any SEO plan.  Many DIYers can aim their site properly and even correct technical issues to some extent, but link building takes a whole different set of skills. Often web developers tell users that their site has been SEO’ed or built in SEO. This is true to some extent, but SEO is ongoing and the heart of your success is still link building.

Those of you out there that have done some DIY or build web sites but don’t have that last part figured out, we are here to help. I have been in the SEO world for over 10 years now and building links successfully. I haven’t had a client get penalized for links we build for them in all my years in business, so we are safe too.  Using 10 years of experience in the industry and relationships that build from attending the top local search and overall search events in the world, we can bring you great links that actually build your site value.

Google tells you if you write great content, links will come. We all know that though links can come, they don’t come at a high enough rate to get good growth. It is a chicken and the egg type of thing. If nobody sees your content, they won’t link to it, and if you don’t have links, you don’t have exposure to your content.

link building is about diversity. Nofollow, dofollow, relevant, strong, press releases, guest posting, event sponsorships.  They are all part of being an active member of your community but they are also hard to do and even harder if you aren’t keeping SEO in mind with all of your business relationships.

If you think you have the other stuff figured out, but you are having trouble gaining strength because link building outreach is too hard and time consuming and you just don’t know who to trust. We’ve been there and done that and can step in and add an assist to your current plan. Just give us a ring.

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Link Building isn't dead, just hard
Google Certified Partner and SEM Specialist
Link building is hard. What is ok? What isn't? We've been doing it succssfully for 10 years and can help you.
Jeremy Skillings