With “semantic search” all the rage days and recent algorithm adjustments really hurting small businesses that have thin content, I have been working a lot with clients looking to expand content. One suggestion I have had with some clients is to use the Google Keyword Planner to lump subjects together and potentially trigger other ideas from the similar terms that Google places in the same adgroup, or concept.

Below are some reasons why I think this may be helpful:

  • You are getting data directly from Google that Google feels belongs together
    • They have already grouped the terms together as an adgroup so that speaks to the fact that Google finds the terms relevant to each other.
    • Might they give you more “content credit” if you included those other terms in your content?
  • Help Get New Relevant Keyword Ideas
    • Once you get in there and feed it some core concepts, the Google Keyword planner will spit out all sorts of data, more than you will want or know what to do with.
    • I’ve already had clients use this to fuel ideas for extra paragraphs or making their content more thorough.

  • See Angles You May Not Have Thought Of
    • Not just for writing, but for your business in general
    • Seeing search volume for different relevant searches can help you adjust the way you sell your products or services based on what people are interested in searching for
    • You may come up with ideas for new pages based on price searches or searches for aspects of your service that you didn’t realize were important.

With so much concern about what is good, thorough content, people are looking everywhere for ideas. Why not look at exactly what Google is thinking. It may be all you need to beat that writer’s block and get you writing again.

Is Google Keyword Planner a Hint at Semantic Search Terms?
Article Name
Is Google Keyword Planner a Hint at Semantic Search Terms?
Google Certified Partner and SEM Specialist
Writer's block? With new content rules and algorithm changes, does the keyword planner give hints about what to include in your copy?
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