If you are ready to take the jump into the high ROI world or SEO in 2019, you should know how important trust has become to this top-tier digital marketing strategy.  Not only do you need to show the world and Google that your company is trustworthy, but you need to hire someone you know you can trust to help you navigate the SEO waters.  Of course, you say that trust is important for any business, but I will highlight below why trust is even more important than ever before when it comes to SEO. It can mean the difference in massive success for your business or a complete waste of money.

E.A.T. Are the Key Components for Your Own SEO Success

Expertise and SEOThough the acronym has been around for a while in SEO, 2018 made E.A.T. a more key component to the Google algorithm. Google wants your site to display your company’s (E)xperties, (A)uthoritativeness, and (T)rust.  They are working hard and getting better at baking this into the algorithm. Years ago they made comments about the BBB being a good sign of trust. Links have always been one way to show authority and trust in your site. Google figures if other sites are willing to link to you, this displays some value or trust in what your site is presenting.  Many links, or votes of trust from other trustworthy sites, will help build your site and page strength and rank you higher.  Similarly, as Google and other sites get better at managing reviews, they trust in users ability to tell them what businesses are good at or what they aren’t good at.  Providing good content that gets links from other sites and displaying digitally that you are trustworthy and authoritative in your geographic market and industry is as important as ever.  More importantly, Google is getting better than ever at figuring it out and punishing, or worse yet, ignoring those that cheat at it.  The fake links and directories, as well as the fake reviews, are quickly becoming extinct paths to success.

Get an SEO Consultant You Can Trust

SEO is About TrustAs costs get higher and SEO becomes a bit more technical and complicated, it is a good idea to avoid cookie cutter, generic SEO plans. It is also important to work with someone that keeps an eye on everything that is going on in the world of SEO.  There are literally hundreds of factors involved in ranking a page on Google, and focusing your budget on the things that move the needle the most is very important. The reverse is also very important. Spending a lot of budget on something that doesn’t matter or won’t move the needle can destroy your campaign.  It is important to work with someone who knows the difference. If you are following tactics from a year or two ago, or the easy tactic, you are probably doing it wrong.  You need to be able to adjust on a dime and point your hard earned marketing dollars in the right direction to bring in more customers, clients, and patients. One month, it may be more content creation or tweaks, and the next it may be establishing link relationships with bloggers.  You should be able to focus on providing the best product or service you can, which will help naturally build customers trust in your business. Let us work on using that to better lift you in the Google rankings.  You need to work with someone that knows the rules and how the factors shift around, depending on what you want to rank for.  Give us a call if you want to succeed at SEO.