I often tell SEO and PPC clients that they have to remember that every page on their website is a landing page and to always think of the user experience.  You need to make the user feel comfortable with what you do and your business process. It is also important to remember that your Google My Business (GMB) page, though not directly on your website, should be thought of as another one of your website pages. In fact, it may be seen more often than your website pages.

Images Tell Google and Users A Lot About Your Business

Images play a key part in user experience. They not only help break up content and make it more digestible, they also can help users understand and identify with your products, services, staff, and process. Unique images (not stock photos) can be a boost to Google understanding of your business.  Not only have the number of images shown to help your rankings, but you would also be surprised at how far Google has come at understanding the story that you are telling with your images. It is relatively simple and easy to grab some shots of your office, your products, your staff, and other important pieces of your business to share on your GMB page as well as on your website. It helps customers identify with you and know what to expect. Images of your trucks or key staff members that will interact with clients can help smooth over the unknown of what they are walking into when dealing with you.

Images Show Proof of the User Experience (UX)

User Experience (UX) and SEO in Eatontown NJReal images can also help be an assurance to prospects that you do exist as you say and it is comforting to see you have a history and real customers. In fact, though this can be easier for some businesses than others, images of you interacting with customers are great as well.  You can even be creative and try to get customer-generated pictures added to your GMB and your websites. The more you can back up your message with images as representations of the process involved in hiring you, the good job you do and the happy customers you create, the better chance you have to ease the customer objections and get them to take the all-important step of hiring you.

When marketing can be tough, it is important to take advantage of the easy things you can do to boost your footprint and rankings.  This is one of those things.  It is easier than ever to get good pictures. Get snapping those photographs.