The latest episode of You Can Be Found Anywhere is from my trip to Hollywood to visit one of my favorite shows.  I popped in while at a search conference to visit comedy legend Conan O’Brien’s show.  While there I touched on how you can establish trust for searchers to show them that you are a legend in your own industry.  We offer tools to help this including the best review management tool in the business, that helps you generate reviews, but also is always up to date on the latest rules to keep you out of trouble.

The Conan Hollywood Experience

I grabbed tickets online a few weeks in advance and after arriving at the studio, they actually hold you in a pen in the parking garage for some time, before walking you across the street to the studios. It is actually a fairly long walk to another waiting area before being led across the Hollywood lot to the Conan studio.  It is a fun experience being a part of the filming of a show you love and I would recommend it to anyone that happens to be near Hollywood for a few days.  Look for tickets in advance as sometimes they are not available same week or day. They didn’t allow us to take pictures or film inside so I was only available to take shots from the waiting area at the parking garage.

Conan is a great example of a show that uses all sorts of internet presence from videos, to social media and streaming to keep close to his fans and keep them happy.  He does a number of travel specials and offers those on streaming services like Netflix.  For television the ratings are so important, and now as we move to streaming, different numbers start to help measure success.  Businesses online success is often measured by other sites linking to them, but also reviews that can be found around the internet, from search engines like Google and Bing to sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor that are primarily there to provide business information and reviews. Make sure your business is using the internet to succeed and give us a call to help.