The pandemic in 2020 brought a lot of changes to the world. Industries often had to turn on a dime and consumers adopted new buying patterns. As we hopefully come to an end to the pandemic in 2021, some of the changed consumer habits that were adopted in 202o are likely to stick. In particular, the gourmet and specialty food industry was boosted by consumers becoming more comfortable with specialty food products being delivered directly to their doors. It has opened up their minds to experiencing some of the best foods the world has to offer delivered directly to their doorsteps.

Local Providers Move From Local Farm Markets to Global Markets

With more and more people opening up to the convenience of new gourmet and specialty foods delivered right to their doors, the market has greatly expanded. Once these business owners can nail down the logistics of shipping, their artistic passion can suddenly turn to big business as they can sell to anyone around the world. The person that stopped in your shop or bakery on vacation can now order from you over and over from their homes hundreds of miles away.  Your market is now not who can visit your shop or find you at a local farmers market, but everyone that has a computer or smartphone.

Digitally Targeting Your Customers Around the World

Specialty Foods Serving Global MarketsNot only are people more comfortable with having foods and services delivered directly to their door, but they are also spending more time engaging with businesses online to suit their needs. More and more customers are turning to their phones and laptops to find and explore the specialty foods that tickle their tastebuds. Your new challenge is finding the best and most efficient way to put your delightful gourmet and specialty foods in front of those that want to buy them. That is where all of the amazing targeting tools of digital marketing can be at your fingertips. From straightforward options of SEO and Google Search ads to target people that are specifically searching for what you have to offer, to more unique and effective targeting techniques based on your potential customers’ habits and activities, here are just a few ways we can create a blended campaign to get you in front of your customers as efficiently as possible.

Targeting Techniques

  • Search Ads – Paid ads to show up for the exact search terms you want
  • Retargeting – Display ads to those who have visited your site before
  • Audience Targeting – Targeting those that have shown interest elsewhere in similar products
  • Demographic Targeting – Know your customer? We can target based on demographics
  • Physical Visits Targeting – Geofencing can target those that visit certain events or places)
  • Video Ads – Get your specialty food right in front of interested audiences when they are watching Youtube
  • SEO – Use organic search to show up when people are searching for you. Typically higher ROI in the long term

As technology evolves, we find more and more ways to efficiently target and continue to get more efficient with your ad spend, which brings us to what is most important.

Measuring Success of Gourmet & Specialty Foods Digital Marketing

I always tell people the most important thing is to put into place your system to measure success. Making sure you know what is working is the most important way to continue to get better at getting new customers for less money, and lowering your cost per acquisition.  If you try a toolbox of digital marketing tactics and some are working and some are not, it is important to recognize that and move your important budget to where you are getting the greatest return. We not only help you set up a plan to get in front of your new customers, we measure, watch, and tweak your campaigns to make sure they are always getting better and more efficient.  If you want to take your amazing gourmet or specialty foods business to a whole new level with a great and flexible digital marketing plan, give us a call and let us help you get going. We are flexible and can build a plan to most any budget. We have also been doing digital marketing for 15 years and are an A+ BBB business and a 5-star Google rated business, so you know you are working with someone that has your best interest at heart.