Just a quick update this week about Google finally taking action on robo-callers that claim to be working for Google. This has been happening for years. Google will not typically robocall you. They do have automated call answering when confirming local businesses, but those are initiated by the user.  They point out that they always have live people call for these things.  The problem with this is a lot of companies have live people call and pretend to be Google.

I hope this is just the first step because the live people are even worse.  I have had many clients and even myself called by real people claiming to be Google when they were not.  Some business owners don’t know the difference and fall prey to this.  I should point out that their are a number of relationships a consultant can have with Google.  For example, I am a Google Certified Partner, meaning that I have passed some tests and manage a certain volume of clients in Google Adwords.  This is a title you can get from doing so but I do not work for Google, I work for my clients.  With fake people out there claiming to be Google, it makes it very difficult for the rest of us.

When I have a client with a local issue with Google and I use my partner status to get a Google person on the phone to help, often they have to call the business owner to verify that I can help them.  When I’m telling business owners to ignore people that call and tell them they are Google, this makes it tough when I actually have Google call them to help fix a problem.

I think Google has a long way to go with this, but at least they are taking the first step. I have grown very tired of all the scammers leaving a black mark on our industry. If you do get a robocall and want to report it, you can do so to Google here. I hope they keep progressing down this road and go after the other fake Google people out there.

Article Name
Google Taking Action Against Fake Google Calls
Google Certified Partner and SEM Specialist
Google is finally taking action against fake Google robocalls. I hope they go even further.
Jeremy Skillings