Hello everyone.  It has been a rough week for me as I have been sick as a dog, but wanted to get a post out that was helpful and informative.  Would have loved to have some fun with April Fools, but unfortunately was struggling to even move and had lots of other work to do.  Want to wish everyone a happy holiday and pass along this information.

Coming in June Google will begin requiring verification of phone numbers and addresses used in extensions for your Adwords ads.  In the past, Google+ local pages would require this type of verification via a postcard or phone call proving your information was accurate.  It appears that this verification method may be a little easier if you are using honest information. I will let Google tell you themselves.  This is their announcement.

Those of you using these extensions, and I highly recommend using them if you can, should make sure you get ahead of this.  Extensions do what the name suggests, they extend your ad with extra information.  They not only allow your ad to take up more space on the page at the same price, which draws more attention to your ad, they also give the searcher more information and make it easier to contact your business. If you aren’t using extensions now, you should start as soon as possible, and make sure you get them verified.  Also take a look at other extension options like sitelinks and reviews.

As always, give us a call if you need help managing your own adwords campaign.

Article Name
Google Adwords Will Now Require Phone Verification
Google Certified Partner and SEM Specialist
Adwords users, take note. Starting in June, Google will require verification for phone and location extensions on your advertisements.
Jeremy Skillings