I’m often brought in to look at a Google Ads account and see if I can fix it or make tweaks to improve performance. Over the years I have helped accounts ranging from hyperlocal electricians or cleaning companies to national and even global high volume eCommerce and news organizations. One of the most common issues I see with big businesses is turning over the keys to a company that then puts it on some sort of automated tool.  Automated tools can be great at helping inform you and make it easier to make real decisions, but too often these companies connect you to a tool and they think they will automate you to success. Very often it ends up driving the account into a ditch.

I was brought in for a situation like that earlier this summer. The account was tanking. They were bringing in little revenue and the revenue they did bring in was costing them too much. Their goal was to eventually get to a 200% Return on Ad Spend or ROAS.  They had dropped to about 1.7 with revenues trending lower each month. The tool would tighten things up but would not find ways to expand on success. Sometimes it just takes a human with experience in the industry to step in and turn things around. I have tools too, but they are meant to inform and lighten the burden of tedious adjustments, not to do everything for you.

Turning Things Around in ROAS and Revenue

As you can see from the graphic, we stepped in in July and turned around a big sinking ship and in three months were able to raise the ROAS as well as the revenue. Eventually getting to nearly triple the revenue that we saw in May, but with a 17% increase in ROAS. How was it done? Simply applying human thought to the project and digging in to figure what combinations and keywords really work and which ones don’t.  With Google Ads, there is a lot more detail and opportunity for adjustment than in the world of SEO.  You just have to take the time and have the experience to identify which holes to go down to make the right changes to turn things around.  When a few thousand dollars in consulting spend can mean the difference of $90K in revenue, and at a higher return, it suddenly seems very worth it. Bring someone in that knows what they are doing and stay away from just attaching your business to a tool and letting it run amok.