Joy Hawkins recently posted about a find from Dave DiGregorio that posts were beginning to show up in the standard 3-pack of GMB local search results. Once again, showing Google is paying attention and using them.  Even more, it gives your listing more space in the results and stands out a bit over your competitors. I am not seeing this in every search result yet. I have clients that we post for where it isn’t showing, so it may be a test or a slow rollout across different industries, but it again underlines the importance of posting to Google.

GMB Posts in 3 Pack

Keep Posting in Google

Just another reminder to keep posting and “feeding the Google beast” with more information about what your business offers. Posts expire after 7 days so it is important that you post at least once a week, if not more often. You can rotate posts about different services you offer and link to the pages on your site to tell people more information, or you can announce your latest blog post or sales and offers.  The important thing is to keep it coming and be specific in your posts. Mention your services specifically or answer specific questions with your post.  Your GMB page is a great place to directly interact with your customers through their reviews, their Q&A, and with your posts and business and service descriptions. Often people that ask questions are hot leads and also a great way to add new content to your site, answer questions that pop up here.

Posts a Part of the Local Search Toolkit

If you want to make sure your business is fully addressing the local search toolkit with reviews, posts, Q&A, better rankings in general, please give us a call. We have been doing this for over a decade and are always paying close attention to what matters. We get you found and can help supplement what you are already doing or do it all for you so you can manage the other aspects of your business.  With a comprehensive local search plan including review management, local link building, traditional SEO, and GMB optimization, we can make sure you stand out from your competitors.