Highlights of Geofencing

  • Pinpoint Prospects Based on Where they Go or Visit

  • Target Homes, Businesses, or even Rooms

  • Tracking Data for both On-Site and Off-Site Activity

  • Create Message for those Visiting Specific Competitors or Complimentary Activities

  • Track if Visitors Go To Your Business

  • Finally Affordable to Small Businesses

Pinpoint Your Audience with Geofencing

Geofencing is an advancement in technology that allows you to serve ads to prospects based on where they live or visit. When done properly, you can pinpoint a “geofence” around a specific address or even sections of an address, and begin serving targeted ads to people that visit these locations via app and website advertising.  An accident lawyer or physical therapist can target people that visit the emergency room or a restaurant or tourist attraction can target people that visit hotels in the area.  Geofencing is a very powerful tool for businesses to help better serve and target their market more specifically than traditional, less specific methods of geographic targeting that can only get down to entire cities or towns. In some cases, businesses have even targeted specific areas of a business, where people may use different parts of a building for different purposes.

Geofencing Accessible for Smaller Businesses

As is often the case with great targeting technology, it can be difficult for a small business budget to utilize. Now we can create geofencing campaigns for as little as $2,000 per month, rather than the $25K or more that has been cost-prohibitive in the past. This opens up a very powerful tool to smaller businesses to better target their customers based on their actual activities. We will work with you to identify best targets and get you started.

Measuring Your Geofencing Success

We always say you need to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns to make sure it is working.  As I explored the technology of geofencing, I saw many companies offered very little other than overall totals that you couldn’t tie to anything for results.  We offer data that can tie to your Google Analytics for click traffic by campaign through Google Tag Manager. We also can track off-site activities such as prospects that visit your fenced areas as well as come to visit your business. We can set up your business location as a conversion and measure those that visit both, even if they don’t visit your website.  With these ads creating brand awareness, it is important to try to capture this off-site activity for measuring success. We offer a monthly dashboard to see activity as well as the flexibility to move budget around from campaign to campaign if you want to mix this in with other marketing channels like remarketing or traditional display advertising.

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