This comes up probably more than it should  I have been doing some more work on Google Ads campaigns for larger corporate entities with large ad budgets, and sometimes even they make the same mistakes that I talk about regularly with small business owners.  Lead with what your solution is. What problem are you solving? What solution are you offering? Think about your user.  Many businesses make the mistake of leading with content about themselves or what they do. This is fine and should probably be part of the site, but often what you can gct found for in search, and more importantly what converts, is showing users how you solve their problems.

Content for Specific Solutions

As the internet evolves and gets overloaded with content, the quicker paths to be found are being more and more specific and unique.  Users know more specifically what they want so they make more specific searches.  Though it is nice to show up for broad searches too, the quicker path is specific, and creating a lot of good, specific content around your main topic area helps build the strength of your whole site to show up for the broader searches too.

For example, it is great to show up for “electrician” searches but to work your way toward that and get some new customers along the way, create content for specific solutions.  Do you install baseboard heaters?  Add a page that explains how you solve that problem for people. What are the choices your customers have there and why should they choose you to solve their problem.

What Does Your Customer Need

Sit down and think about what solutions your business provides for your customers. That thing you do may solve many different problems.  You should have content for each of the problems, not just one page that says you are an electrician, or whatever broad industry you serve.  At an even more specific level, you may solve the same problem for different types of people. It can be helpful to create content for these different types of customers.  A runner may have different needs for shorts than a cyclist, even if they both want shorts.  Someone in NJ may have different needs for an electric car charger installation than someone in Florida.  Their worlds are a little different and the solution, though similar, will have different nuances to it.  Speak to those specifics and you will find yourself showing up in search and getting new customers because you thought of their specific needs and showed you had a solution.