Our March You Can Be Found Anywhere is a throwback to Geiranger, Norway.  As many of us are currently found in quarantine, I thought I would add some natural beauty with one of the more famous waterfalls in the world, the Seven Sisters waterfall. Being famous means people knowing who or what you are.  For that to work, you need to get found.  Good SEO gets you “famous” with the right people. Your potential customers, patients, and clients.

Stuck Inside Means More Googling

With everyone quarantined right now through much of the world, the only way to get found seems to be from inside your own house.  SEO is more important than ever to get you in front of potential customers.  Now is when people have time to start researching those projects or needs and finding companies that can take care of them. If you already had a good SEO plan, you are showing up and will get that new business as soon as you can, whether you are able to serve customers now, or when the quarantines are lifted.

If you don’t have a plan and want to get started, we have been doing this since 2006 and are an A+ BBB business. We work with our clients and their budgets to move you forward the right way, so you rise up the rankings and don’t fall in a bad way. Enjoy these falls.