This month we battled a serious downpour to talk SEO. Once we got in the office and dried off for a bit, Lynda Koch of WFG Associates and Mandy Enright of  Nutrition Nuptials joined me for a deep dive in to two very different sites.  The Financial world has very unique SEO challenges as there are a lot of strict content rules and clearances that need to be considered. Mandy has a very unique and exciting business helping couples with health and wellness together.

Mandy was working on just cleaning up some of the tough structural issues that can hold you back with a wordpress site. Over time, some issues grow on the technical side that people aren’t even aware of but can be dragging your site down. Much like cookies and downloaded files build up on your computer and slow it down, broken links and duplicate pages can grow over time on your wordpress site or even default settings for the structure of tags or categories can cause duplicate content problems.

I have actually seen a number of sites with duplicate content issues in recent months because of they way they tag their blog posts. If you over-tag your posts and tend to have a lot of tags with only one post associated with it, you tend to trigger duplicate content issues and you  may want to go in to your settings and no-index your tag or category pages.  I have actually had this problem myself and it is quite common, but many people just don’t realize it.

It was great sitting down with Mandy and Lynda and hearing about their businesses.  They really dug in and worked hard and it was a pleasure working with both of them. Another big thank you to Lynda and Karyn at EMACC for letting us use the office to roll up our sleeves and dig in to SEO.

If your organization would like to offer an SEO seminar or workshop, please give me a call. I’m happy to speak to groups or offer these specific deep dives on a regular basis.


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EMACC SEO Workshop: Wellness and Financial SEO in the Rain
Google Certified Partner and SEM Specialist
This month we battled the downpour and worked through some SEO issues with Lynda Koch and Mandy Enright
Jeremy Skillings