This week I thought I would have a little fun with the Easter holiday and March Madness combination.  Using the Google Adwords keyword tool, I looked up four cultural icons specific search counts to do a bracket like competition for the champion of search.

The Players: 

#1 Seeds: Santa Claus and The Easter Bunny are the quickest holiday related mascots that come to mind and seem like the obvious choice.

#1 Seeds: to make a true final four I had to think a little bit more and come up with the tooth fairy and then as sort of a small conference tournament automatic bid, the bogeyman, bogieman, boogeyman, or whatever you call it.  I used the wikipedia page for common spellings here and combined the total of all of them. Some may think that is unfair to the others, but there is where we have our first controversy to argue about.

The First Round:

We set up the first round to see Santa Claus battle the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny take on the Bogeyman.  Some exciting matchups.  The Bogeyman’s tough zone defense can really cause a problem for the Easter Bunny.

In true Santa fashion, he took out the Tooth Fairy quite soundly with a considerable thumping with his big bag of goodies.  Showing tremendous sportsmanship, the tooth fairy did leave Santa with a quarter to take on to the finals  where he would await the winner of the key Easter Bunny vs. Bogeyman matchup.

In this battle, the Bogeyman shocks the Easter Bunny in true March Madness fashion, sending the favorite home with the combination of search volume for all of the different spellings.  With a stunned crowd still complaining about the tally of search volume, the Easter Bunny stated afterwards that it was looking in to a less straightforward spelling of its name, or maybe throwing Easter Rabbit out there as a potential option.  The combined four versions of Bogeyman garnered a total average of 49,650 monthly searches as compared to the 49,500 that “Easter Bunny” gets.  This is the closest match in the history of this tournament, which is admittedly about ten minutes old.

The Finals:

Sadly, the finals don’t offer the exciting match-up of the Final Four.  As often is the case after a big upset, that team then goes on to get beat pretty badly in the next round.  Santa again dominates, keeping its dynasty as a cultural icon search champion alive.  With an average of 201,000 monthly searches for “santa claus”, there was never really much hope.  Even the other three combined don’t reach the Santa average.

Unfortunately on this Easter weekend, the bunny went home in the first round. However, that may be good news as it has a lot of work to do this weekend so no point in wasting energy on this battle.

The Search Volume:

Here are the final totals for average monthly searches from the Adwords keyword tool that provided the info for today’s exercise.

“Santa Claus”: 201,000

“Bogeyman”,”boogeyman”,”bogieman”, and “boogie man”: 49,650 (boogeyman is the most searched)

“Easter Bunny” and “Tooth Fairy”: They actually tie at 49,500.  Good thing they didn’t face each other.

Have a great Easter Weekend everyone.


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Easter Final 4: Cultural Icons in Search
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Using the Google Adwords keyword tool, I looked up four cultural icons specific search counts to do a bracket like competition for the champion of search.
Jeremy Skillings