Yes, the title of this post could lead to a lot of deep philosophical discussion about the political climate in America and why Trump shot to the head of the Republican polls in recent months, but that is not what it is about. I thought I’d head in to the Labor Day weekend with a fun post on what people are searching for on Google in relation to Donald Trump and let you decide if that gives any insight in to the American psyche.
I simply threw “Donald Trump” in to the Google Adwords keyword tool to let it spit out the most commonly searched terms with “Donald Trump” in them and then ran with it a little bit. I used the top 500 terms by search volume because I had to cut it off somewhere to make reasonable statements.  There are terms out there that are not included here so please don’t take these numbers as exact. This is for fun.

Most Searched

OK, first for the obvious.  The most searched term is of course his name alone, which doesn’t give us a lot of depth or insight.  That is followed by two terms in the top ten related to his net worth.  People want to know how rich this guy is.  In fact, on average, over 105K searches per month are done with Donald Trump and “worth” in the same phrase.

People are interested in his family members. In the top 20 terms, we have “donald trump jr”, “donald trump wife”, “young donald trump”, “donald trump young”, and “donald trump daughter”.  Now one may say that people want to see what Trump looked like as a young man and that led to some of the young terms, but you can make up your mind with that.

The Hair

Everyone talks about his hair.  Was interested to see how much people searched for it. Searches with “donald trump” and “hair” average over 8,500 per month, with over 3oo specifically searching for things related to it being real or a hair piece.

Trump’s Political Positions

Some would argue he doesn’t really have any detailed beliefs and hasn’t really given any real plans.  Though that tends to be the case for all politicians running for office.  Looks like maybe he is a politician after all.  You would think with him shooting to the top of the polls that people would be searching for his views on political matters.  Sadly America, that is not the case.  “Donald Trump political views” is the first purely political term and it is the 28th most searched Trump term with 2400 searches on average per month. This is actually searched less often than “Donald Trump racist” and interestingly enough “Donald Trump lyrics”.  Must be a song out there I’m not aware of.


So do people search for Trump in relation to some key positions on specific political topics?  You would hope people would want to find his specific details of his plans on immigration or abortion.  Sadly, immigration didn’t even crack the top 500 terms in relation to Donald Trump, so it appears nobody is interested in going to research his specific plans there.  He did have 320 searches related to abortion.  280 per month look up “Donald Trump” with “China”, which is another topic he talks about a lot and not a lot of search.

I was given new hope when I saw “Donald Trump on the issues” is searched 720 times per month.  Now America is starting to do their research.

Other Interesting Searches

Along with “Donald Trump song” and “Donald Trump Lyrics”, there were some other interesting searches out there.  I’ll let you go Google the song yourself if you are interested, but I didn’t even know there was a song so I learned something in going through the data.  I also learned that “Donald Trump idiot” and “Donald Trump IQ” were both searched with the same volume.  There were many searches in different ways related to his marriages, his party affiliation, and his bankruptcies.  Interestingly enough for a candidate that everyone says is so polarizing, there were no searches in the top 500 with “love” combined with “Donald Trump” and only 170 with “hate” associated with him.

Too Early

I would venture to say that many people look at a lot of this as entertainment this early in the process and it is not a condemnation of America that they aren’t that interested in the details behind what Trump is talking about.  We all lead busy lives and probably most will do their research when it gets closer to time to vote.  Being from a state that is late in the primary season, most of these guys will be gone by the time I vote so I understand not getting too caught up in things for or against Trump just yet.  He does make news every day and the media and I suppose America are interested to see what he does next.  I thought taking a little look at what people are searching for in relation to Trump may be a fun exercise heading in to a holiday weekend and may do similar exercises in the future.
Have a great holiday!

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Donald Trump...What are we searching for?
Jeremy Skillings