With content becoming more and more important as a ranking factor, even though it has always been king, there are many great tools out there to help SEO’s to research semantic search topics. For example, if y0u want to rank for a certain phrase, what other content topics should be covered in what you write?  We have tools that help with deconstructing a ranking and addressing all of the important pieces of a subject area to help sites rank, but most of those cost money. For the average DIYer, it is a little tougher to break this down. I will often do talks and people will ask how I get some of my data and I have to tell them I have tools for that, but you can do it manually with a lot of work.

Entity Search for SEO Content Expansion

Now there is a new and helpful “Entity Explorer” tool, that can help you dive into a keyword or subject and see some of the content surrounding it to give you ideas for your supporting content. It isn’t perfect, and you will find some irrelevant or unnecessary stuff in there, as you can find with any tool, but it will also give you some great ideas for supporting content for extra paragraphs and sections to address with what you are writing.  And it is free. Like any tool, you need to know how to use it, but I think this can be a great way for small businesses to find ideas for better expanding their content and addressing important pieces of the puzzle that they hadn’t in the past. I get asked what else to write about all of the time. This is a free way to get some ideas.

Take it for a ride and generate some ideas for your content in 2020