I often get calls to help both clients and prospects deal with digital marketing emergencies that pop up.  Businesses often run into digital marketing roadblocks, and they aren’t sure how to navigate through them.  Many small businesses will suddenly see calls or leads drop off dramatically and aren’t sure where to turn.  In some cases, if they haven’t been tracking things well, they aren’t even sure what the problem is.  Did their rankings take a tumble? Were they hacked? Did their ads stop running for some reason?  Did their Google Business page get suspended or have an issue?  These are all potential issues. Not only is it important to be able to find out what went wrong, but how to fix it.

Relationship with a Good Digital Marketing Expert is Important

For my ongoing clients, we have far fewer emergencies. However, they do pop up from time to time and we are ready to deal with them promptly and get things back to normal.  Google is always making adjustments to its algorithms and their ad formats and targeting rules.  Once a tweak has been made, there are times when it can have a significant change to your part of the digital world.  With ongoing clients, we are on top of the situation and make the adjustments necessary. If anything, we are even more important when things go off track than when things are running smoothly. If someone doesn’t know how to fix issues that come up, it can cost businesses thousands of dollars in wasted spend and lost sales while waiting to get things back on track.

However, if you don’t have a trusted relationship, it can be much more complicated. In fact, some prospects come to me for help that do have another SEO or Google relationship, but that company just doesn’t know how to deal with things. That is unfortunate.  Unfortunately, this is a complicated industry, and many companies can only do the basics and have to bail when the going gets tough.  That is why having a good partner is even more important when bad things happen.

Digital Marketing and Google Are Constantly Changing

With this industry changing on a daily basis, you need to be on top of these changes and adjust constantly. We make tweaks to our client plans every month to best move them forward in the current environment.  With SEO, Google makes changes to its algorithm every day and is known to typically have at least a couple of very large-scale algorithm adjustments each year that have significant changes to more than 5% of all searches.  But even the little ones may invade your part of the world.  When Google says this tweak will change 7% of search queries, if those are all of your target queries, you need to be ready and make those changes. The good news is Google is consistently evolving toward a better user experience and better search results with good content. If your goals align with theirs, you will be in a better position when the changes occur. You should always be trying to provide a good user experience and great content.

What if You Don’t Know What Happened (the Old 1-2)

Rest assured, it is never too late to get on the right path. When the phones stop ringing or the forms stop filling, you do need to act quickly. We are there for you and can step in and provide help with the following.

  1. Digital marketing Emergency HelpIdentify what has changed and when it has changed
    • Your analytics will show dates of when big changes occurred to traffic and conversions (if you are tracking conversions (you should))
    • This will narrow down the culprit to ads, SEO, social, etc., and even the pages that have issues (helps determine SEO queries)
    • If there isn’t a traffic change, it may be a technical site or phone issue. (is your form working? Is your phone system having issues?)
  2. If it is traffic-related, try to line up the issue to changes that happened on your site or with Google or other providers
    • Did you make big site changes at that time (redesign, page changes)?
    • Did Google have a known algorithm shift or change to your Google Ads campaign at that time?
      • Check your ad campaigns for notifications or warnings
    • Check your Google Business Profile page listing and make sure it is still published and not suspended

Identify the Problem and Fix

Once you have gone through the steps above, typically with our help, you can move forward and correct the problem. If you are lucky, it is something as simple as updating credit card information on your ad account. If you aren’t so lucky, you may need a technical solution or help with getting some more complicated issues resolved.  We have seen just about everything in the over 15 years we have been helping here at You Can Be Found.  We typically can figure out your issue once you let us under the hood.  We can figure out the issue and get you a plan to get it resolved so you can move on. Don’t just sit there wondering while you lose business. Help is close by.