As small business owners, it is always helpful to find new ways to make our lives easier.  From simplifying some of our tedious regular tasks to providing a better user experience to our customers via apps or software options that make processes easier.  With that idea in mind, I have connected with another business owner that I have known and worked with for years for a more formal referral for your small business needs.

I’m going to stick to my own digital marketing specialties, but often in this world of constantly evolving technology, it is extremely helpful to be able to simplify and automate.  My friend David Sokoler at Merandex can offer simple solutions that you may not have even realized were possible. From automating regular spreadsheet reports or tasks to overhauling your app experience for your retail customers.

I first had David help me with their digital business card technology, which is something to take a look at in itself, but below is a few of problems for which Merandex can provide solutions. Just give David a call and tell him Jeremy sent you. It is worth having the talk. You’d be amazed by some of the headaches they can remove from your to-do lists.

Common Small Business Problems Solved with Custom Software:

  • Overwhelming excel spreadsheets seem to be getting more and more disorganized, complicated, and frustrating
  • Reminding clients about important dates on their calendar like renewals and billing
  • Reminders for your own regular business deadlines, renewals, registrations, or expirations
  • Tracking past or current client work or networking and sales processes
  • Keeping important information and data up to date for better decision making
  • Monitoring cloud-based systems and taking action when necessary
  • Retrieving information and data from many systems to put in one report or graph

These are all processes that can become frustrating for business owners and can sometimes shock when you see how easily Merandex can streamline the process and make what was once a headache into a smooth process that becomes a strength for you.

Custom Small Business Software Example Projects

Below are some examples that David sent along to me to help you get an idea of the ways he can help you.  To learn more about his business, please visit Merandex, and as I said, tell him Jeremy sent you.

  • “A client recently asked us to design a system that would allow them to place a unique QR code at each of over 4000 store locations. When the QR code is scanned, a unique coupon code is generated that could be redeemed. Tracking information for each QR code scan is gathered and tracking and other information is shown on an admin dashboard with various reports and graphs. With 30 scans or more per location per day, the solution needed to be robust and scalable. We designed a solution that leveraged our cloud platform and its ability to handle high volume  transactions.”
  • A leading workout company asked us to replace their current iPad app that was not handling their increased volume. The app collected client information and images and provided some reports and PDF files. They also needed their old app data (hundreds of thousands of records) migrated to the new system and it all had to be live in 6 weeks. Using our cloud platform we replicated the previous apps functionality, migrated their data to the new system and had it all live a week prior to their deadline.”
  • “An emergency health training and products company was keeping excel files of their client’s info, products sold, expirations dates, and other info. The spreadsheet grew to multiple tabs and tens of thousands of rows of data. Information entered was not consistent, was being duplicated and contradictory information was getting added. It became slow and difficult to find current and accurate information quickly when needed by management or clients. And neither the staff nor clients were getting any messages about product component expiration or service plans expiring. We designed and implemented a cloud system that stores their data, enables staff to enter data in a consistent format, checks for duplicate or contradictory data, generates needed reports, allows staff to quickly search their clients and product data and provides push notifications about upcoming expirations.”
  • A national company in the veterinary industry wanted a system to approve and track budgeted project purchases and provide reports and graphs about purchases, spend rates, budget limitations and more. Merandex worked with the client to design forms and approval workflows specific to their processes, the needed dashboard and reporting information, and notifications of approaching limits. The client can now easily approve project purchases, track spending and forecast their projects.”

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways Merandex can help you out.  Those are just a few examples. Give David a call and tell him what gives you a headache as a business owner and he can most likely find a way to help.