Content is King in the world of SEO and sometimes it helps to get your content out there early and get positioning before your competitors in the small business world.  One of the questions I hear most often is “what do I write about?”.  It seems simple, but once you start to focus I find people struggle. When you are just getting started it is easy and below are some rules to get you started.

  • You should have a page for every individual service offering you provide
  • You can then focus on supporting information for these services: Pricing, Process, Sub-topics, how-to guides, etc.
  • Write about your solutions.  Your individual service may provide different types of solutions. Remember that people are searching for solutions. Think about their needs.

Content on Demand

I get a lot of questions about how to more strategically write based on demand.  How to do keyword research when you aren’t an agency and don’t pay for the extra tools. You typically know your industry better than anyone else. You know the new technology and solutions before the general public. Often it is better to get the content about new offerings or solutions up there before there even is demand for it. Then your content is waiting there and ready when people start searching.

Google Trends – Free Tool

However, there are some free tools that can give you an idea of search trends and what people are specifically searching for.  Google Trends is one such free tool that can give you an idea of sudden spikes or increases in search volume. Jump in and play around a bit. It allows you to show the trending search data of different keywords against each other and compare them to prior years or months.  It also can show you related terms that are spiking in the search volume of late. It can be a great way to give you content ideas for blogs or even additional service pages for your website.  See what people are looking for and provide your expertise on the subject or answering the question.

Dive in and play around a bit. You can’t break it and it may give you some great ideas. Enter your main service terms against each other and get a feel for what people are searching for over time. It is interesting information and the data over time can also help you decide on marketing strategies. You may see interest seasonality that you didn’t realize existed and take advantage of them. Give it a try.