Since March, most businesses have seen their Google Analytics or other forms of digital metrics become a garbled mess. The world has changed and whether this is the beginning of a new normal of some type, or a huge blip on the metrics radar, the last month or so is going to be hard to compare to any other period in the history of your business.  Now is the time to make it better going forward. Many small businesses I talk to or work with, are looking for phone calls, form fills, or even calendar appointment setup.  If you aren’t collecting which traffic is triggering these “conversions”, you aren’t able to make decisions with all of the information.  Getting the right tracking set up can cost only a few hundred dollars and potentially save you thousands. Don’t guess about what is working, know for sure by measuring everything that hits your website.

Useful Data Dashboards

Google Data Studio DashboardOnce you have the right activities being tracked on your website, we can help set up useful data dashboards that give you quick views of your most important pieces of data. If phone calls are most important to you, we can set up a dashboard that automatically looks at the most recent 30 days, the prior month, or any time period that is important to you.  Once you have historical data, you can even show automatic comparisons to the same period last year or the prior time period. This data can all be useful to help you understand what is truly driving your business success. Is SEO driving all of your phone calls or is it your social media or paid ad campaigns.  How many leads are you getting for each marketing dollar spend.  These are important pieces of the puzzle to fully understand to spend your money the right way to help you grow. Stop guessing and start knowing.

Our data dashboards can connect to your Google My Business, as well as your website analytics.  See you key drivers and get as deep as you want.  Measure how much time people spend watching videos, how far they may go in your form fill process or more.  It can be useful to know how many people click on your lead form button as compared to the number that actually submits the filled out form. Are you losing people by asking for too much information? How can you fix this or make it more efficient?  Streamline your data to make the right decisions but not get bogged down in a lot of data you don’t understand. We help you understand what everything means so you are looking at what matters to you. Everyone is different and has different snapshots. When you don’t have a lot of time, you want to focus on the key headlines that move the needle. Just as we focus on the key things to get your SEO presence, you can focus on the key data points to make the right decisions, so you can get back to work.

If you need help getting your metrics set up the right way, please give us a call.  It is an important cog in a successful business process.