This year a client of mine took steps forward to really invest in SEO and has gotten a great benefit from it. Though we have worked together for some time, it was always at a lower level. This year, they really stepped it up and put the budget in to improving content and making the site more mobile friendly and fast, as well as letting us run with building up the strength and aim of the site.

This has led to a dramatic increase in patients coming to them from search. I have worked well together with the marketing department at Oakland Spine and Rehabilitation Center , and we have been able to work hand in hand to increase their local and industry link relevancy and strength, as well as working with Google Adwords to improve performance there.  Search can be a big and important part of your marketing program if you invest in it and make it work. We have had similar results with many professional service and medical related sites.

Below are some keys to making SEO work:

  • Good and expansive content about what you do. A simple services page doesn’t do it. You need pages to describe each product/service you offer and how and why you do it better.
  • Work together with marketing to build in SEO to their current off line relationships. SEO strength comes from business strength. If you are active in your community, that can translate to great SEO strength if done right. We can also help find community opportunities that the business may not be aware of because they are digging in and doing what they do each day. We are looking for these opportunities all the time.
  • Staying on top of the latest advances in the Google algorithm and technology to keep the site fast and clean and indexing properly.
  • Having a good open line of communication and keeping SEO on the mind when the business plans to do anything.  There may be aspects of your offline plan that can be helped or can hurt what is going on with SEO and they should be kept in mind.

A significant boost in SEO investment this year has led to over 25% increase in an already optimized sites traffic, but more importantly, with targeted SEO, a 50% increase in their conversions in getting new patients.

Article Name
Chiropractor SEO Case Study: Investments Turn To Patients
Google Certified Partner and SEM Specialist
This year a chiropractor SEO client of mine took steps forward to really invest in SEO and has gotten a great benefit from it.
Jeremy Skillings