If your site isn’t mobile friendly yet, you either haven’t been paying attention, or you have been so busy that you haven’t had a chance to address it. Google started rolling out mobile first indexing in 2018, and now your rankings are based on the mobile version of your site.  Even if you aren’t worried about SEO, more than half of internet traffic is now coming from a mobile device. If your website isn’t mobile friendly now, you aren’t just missing out on SEO opportunities, you are generally giving all of your potential prospects and clients a bad user experience.

Site Redesigns Seem Expensive and Difficult

Mobile Friendly SEO

I get it, it is one of those scary costs you kept putting off.  Becoming mobile friendly meant redesigning your whole site. You have to either track down your web developer or find a new one and go through that whole difficult process and you just don’t have time.  Now it is hurting your sales and your new business.  If you’ve waited this long, it probably wasn’t a good idea, but it may pay off a little bit now. There are now WordPress plugins that can help turn your current site into a mobile friendly site if it wasn’t before.  So if your site is WordPress but you haven’t gotten around to that redesign, it became a whole lot easier.  Search Engine Journal recently put out a great article with new WordPress plugins that convert your site to mobile friendly.

Now It’s Easy to Be Mobile Friendly on WordPress

If you haven’t done it before, now is the time.  If you still aren’t confident or don’t have a relationship with a good developer, you may still want to get some developer assistance, but even with their help, this should take far less time and effort than a complete redesign.  Explore the options. We can help you too.  We have developed close relationships with web developers that can either design you a new site or simply upgrade you to mobile friendly using some of these great plugins. If you have been holding out, it is definitely time to reconsider. Give us a call if you need help.