YCBF Anywhere: SEO at Thailand Elephant Nature Park

Though I was a bit too overwhelmed by the experience to have a great metaphor in the actual video, this latest You Can Be Found Anywhere comes from the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai Thailand. This is an amazing charity organization that rescues elephants that are abused and mistreated. Elephants are one of the [...]

7 Ways to Ignore Election Night Results and Restore Your Faith in Humanity

With the election upon us and all of us likely feeling that our souls are a little dirty from all of this, I wanted to provide help and give you something else to do on election night to keep your attention away from the craziness. On Wednesday morning we will wake up to a new [...]

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Volunteering at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

The next two weeks will have some posts that are a bit off topic as I complete a vacation and ultra race combination. Today’s post is about the wonderful people at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. This is the ultimate animal rescue located in Kanab Utah.  We built our trip this year around a stay and [...]

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