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Understanding Search Intent and Small Business SEO

Search intent has become a hot phrase in the past year.  I just want to touch on it a bit. Some of it seems obvious, but it is good to understand to properly approach your keyword strategy properly, especially for small businesses. Though we all want the success at the end of the tunnel, sometimes [...]

Unlocking Local Search Ranking Factors

I like to try to simplify things as best I can for my clients and followers.  Yesterday, I shared a great new article from Moz on the Google Business Profile fields that affect your rankings. Though they touch on the 11 fields, I wanted to discuss them briefly. Some of these you have a lot [...]

Navigating Privacy: Small Business Strategies for Effective Digital Marketing Measurement

The ability to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies is crucial for small businesses. You'd think as technology improves we would get better at it, but in actuality, recent trends toward data privacy have made it more and more difficult to nail down key performance indicators to specific audiences. Accurate measurement of marketing strategies [...]

Small Business Topic Authority for SEO

This is an update on a post from 2021. As I always say, the ABC's of SEO have been the same since it started, but the DEF's change every ten minutes.  Google just gets better at measuring what they deem important.  With the "Helpful Content" updates in recent years, we have seen the supporting content [...]

GBP Service Area Starting to Show Signs of Being a Ranking Factor?

Darren Shaw, who has been a big part of the annual local ranking factors study in recent years, recently announced data showing that service areas seem to be ranking factors.  This is big news as data has suggested in the past that it had no bearing on rankings.  I wanted to quickly touch on why [...]

Information Gain and Small Business SEO

This is a post I wrote in 2020 that has proven to be more important than ever with the evolution of AI content.  With the "helpful content" adjustments to the Google algorithm since 2022, combined with many people using generic AI to spin content, Information Gain has become a differentiator. Check out what I said [...]

Mock Drafts and Other Useless Clickbait Content: Why?

This is an updated version of a previous post. It is edited for updated information. A friend relayed to me a clickbait experience they had and asked me what the point of this was from an SEO perspective.  The answer is kind of nuanced and a bit difficult, as many SEO questions are once you [...]

Small Business Website Structure SEO Basics

Google is in the business of providing the best answers to user’s searches. There are certain basic SEO elements to keep in mind when building or redeveloping any business website. The basics of Google search have been the same for 20 years. They are just getting better at measuring and understanding the content and adjusting [...]

Giving (or Removing) Others Access to Your Google Analytics and Google Business Profile

This comes up often enough that I thought I would make a page for it.  Unfortunately, Google changes these things so often that you may see slight variations in your experience, but hopefully, it is close, and I will try to update this from time to time to get it as close as possible.  So [...]

About Time to Show Off Credibility: SEO and About Page

I wrote last week about the importance of showing your "credibility" going forward to Google and more importantly, your website visitors. Google just gets better at figuring out ways to measure these things and factor them into the equation.  I spend a lot of time telling people to lead with your solutions because the first [...]

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