Our latest episode of You Can Be Found Anywhere finds me on a beautiful day in an Indiana County, PA neighborhood. The beautiful Buttermilk Falls is located on land once owned by Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers) grandfather.  He spent a lot of time here as a child, helping form his loving view of the world. Currently, there is a nice little trail set up going to the falls with quotes from Mr. Rogers sprinkled along the way. After a bit of a drive in rural PA, we were fortunate enough to get the falls to ourselves that Easter morning, and we were also gifted with a rainbow.

It goes to show that sometimes with digital marketing, if you know you are on the right trail or path, you keep doing the right things, and the pay off at the end is worthwhile. Our payoff that day was this beautiful rainbow waterfall experience, but your digital marketing payoff will be lots of new clients or customers. You just have to make sure you are being guided down the right path. That is what You Can Be Foud is here for. We have been at it for over 15 years and still offer the right path to business success. So give us a call to get started on the path to a beautiful day in your business neighborhood.


Video Transcription

Hello, this is Jeremy Skillings with another You Can Be Found Anywhere. I am coming from Buttermilk Falls in Pennsylvania, which is actually land owned by Rr. Rogers’s grandfather and he grew up here. And if you want it to be a beautiful day in your neighborhood to do a digital marketing plan, please give us a call because we can get you found with great digital marketing and SEO for your small business. Thanks so much and don’t forget to get out and explore the beautiful days in your neighborhood.