In another You Can Be Found Anywhere, I am found at Jacob’s Well, outside of Austin Texas. This time I discuss the dangers and beauty of SEO.  Dangerous if you try to cheat the system, just like it is dangerous to try to get to the bottom of the very deep Jacob’s Well. However, both are fun and beautiful when used properly.

The Story of Jacobs Well

Jacob's Well from Just AboveThe detailed story of the “curiosity of Jacob’s Well” is handled in detail in many places on the internet, so I will let you Google or go here to get all of the details, but the general idea is it is  a refreshing swimming hole an hour or so outside of Austin that also has a dark side.  With a depth over 100 feed, daredevils have attempted to get to the bottom and found that they couldn’t get back up. Scuba diving is forbidden here unless you are certified and have approval. However, at its surface, if you use it and enjoy it for the basic beauty, it is a wonderful way to spend some time cooling off from the heat.  There are a few different levels of rocks from which you can jump into the deep but fairly narrow well.  One rock ledge has been fenced off because too many have tried and failed. Two rocks still allow adventurers to jump in from a nervous height.  Many try the lower rock and fewer try the next level. I had to try the second level once and admit to having nerves, but when you have a number of people staring at you and waiting for the jump, you eventually just do it and I admit it is quite a thrill.

SEO Also Has Dangers

SEO, like the well, can be dangerous if not handled properly. Those that try to cheat the system or jump into the SEO pool with ignorance, can find that you waste a lot of money, which can be a business killer. However, when you know and follow the rules and work hard to do it properly, it is a refreshing experience that can vault your business to new heights. Enjoy the below Jacob’s Well video below and if you are ever near Austin on a hot day, reserve a couple of hours at the well and enjoy it for yourself.  Give that upper rock a try.