Our February episode of You Can Be Found Anywhere comes straight from my search conference last week in Austin, TX.  I was able to get away for the conference for a little bit of fun and took in some music at the Moody Theater, home of the legendary Austin City Limits.

Getting Found Without Limits

With phones in everyone’s pocket that offer a link to all of the information in the world, it is now possible to get your business from just about anywhere, whenever the need comes up.  If your potential customer or client suddenly gets that need while on their morning walk, on a vacation boat trip, or even at a concert, they can jump to their phone and make that search.  You can be the first thing that comes up in their hand. Today, they may just have to say “OK Google” or “Siri” to get to you, without even having to type their question.  With more detailed searches going on every day and 15% of searches every day being brand new, there is always opportunity to show up for more specific searches. You just need to know how to harness the power of Google and make it easy. That is where we step in. You set up a plan and let us worry about all of the Google algorithm changes and updates and what matters most to Google, while you focus on your core business. Give us a call and get started.  You can suddenly find yourself in your next customer’s pocket or being mentioned from their Alexa or Google Home device.