We have arrived in Asbury Park! You Can Be Found has moved our offices to Asbury Park, but continue to serve all of New Jersey, the United States, and the world.  A move in the middle of a pandemic can be a bit stressful, but we have pulled it off.  We actually sit right on the border of Asbury Park and Ocean, NJ. Both beautiful places to settle down. Depending on which data system you look at, we may be in either location, but are excited to be closer to the beach and enjoy everything the area has to offer.

Site Migrations and Moves with SEO

Keeping with the theme of this months special You Can Be Found metaphor video, moving is hard on websites too, and it can be disastrous if your company relies on SEO and you don’t handle your site migration properly. Whether it is a full move to a different domain, or just a redesign, I have seen and corrected many a horror story where the move made the company drop off the digital face of the earth so to speak. Some mistakes can be easier to solve than others, but rest assured, if it happened to you, we can figure out the problem and get you back on the right path. Just like I  needed help from a number of great small businesses like movers, roofers, realtors, and electricians to make sure my move went smoothly,  you should make sure you rely on someone that knows what they are doing from the digital side of things.

It’s Not Just About Moving

We do more than help with site migrations. Jeremy Skillings and You Can Be Found have been small business SEO and Digital Marketing experts since 2006. We are a 5-star Google rated business and an A+ with the BBB as our parent company, The SEO Helpdesk.  Jeremy has published a book on “real” small business SEO and digital marketing tactics. You know when you see a tool targeted at small businesses and then learn the minimum monthly budget to even use it is out of this world and not realistic? We focus on what is realistic and also what really works. You aren’t going to have a successful plan on $100, but you also don’t need to always break the bank to make it work. You just have to be smart. We offer smart solutions in the following areas.

  • SEO
  • Local Search and Google My Business (GMB)
  • Google Ads
  • Analytics and Conversion Optimization
  • Advanced Display Advertising
    • Geofencing
    • Retargeting
    • Audience Targeting
  • Content Marketing
  • Technical Audits
  • Web Design and Maintenance

Please give us a call, whether you are targeting your neighborhood, your state, or the whole country or world.  There is a plan that can help you get found.


Hey, this is Jeremy Skillings of You Can Be Found with another You Can Be Found Anywhere. This is a special episode because we just moved our home offices to Asbury Park. If your business is ever migrating your website or moving your website and you’re not quite sure how to handle the ramifications from an SEO standpoint, which can be grave if you do it the wrong way. Please give us a call. We’re now located right here toward Asbury Park in New Jersey and helping businesses all around the country and the world give us a call if you need help with SEO.


Jeremy Skillings at You Can Be Found. Thanks.