Our latest You Can Be Found Anywhere finds me riding one of the most beautiful scenic drives in the USA.  The Pig Trail Scenic Byway works its way through Ozark National Forest with lots of twisting turns, waterfalls, and beautiful scenic overlooks. You won’t forget a quick drive down this road that is about an hour away from Fayetteville, AR.  In fact, if you come here, you will know you have chosen the right trail.

Choosing the Right Trail for SEO Success

Pig Trail Arkansas Sign YCBFWhen choosing an SEO provider, it is also important to make sure you are on the right trail. Unfortunately, I have come across many companies that chose that canned SEO plan that doesn’t differentiate them from their competitors. Sometimes they have spent years going down the wrong trail and we have to adjust and send them in the right direction. Just this week I had a prospect share with me a competitor proposal that was just doing everything wrong and wasting their money. It looked like they may have been using an SEO manual from 5 years ago, and still not focusing on the right methods to move the needle for a small business. With the importance of GMB, links, and reviews these days for small businesses, this plan didn’t address any of that.  Sad that people take advantage of people not knowing the rules.  Even if you don’t come to us, make sure you work with an SEO that knows the rules and knows how to move you forward. Find someone with a track record of success and who will be honest with you and not make highly inflated promises.  SEO is an important and great strategy if done the right way.

We create custom plans for every client that help separate you and raise you in the rankings in your market. That is what it is all about. Doing the same thing as everyone else because it is cheap is just wasting time and money.