In the world of SEO, we have heard for years that “content is king”. Creating great, and unique, content is the best way to target users and keywords for SEO.  More importantly, content that helps provide the best answer to users’ searches. I have talked about “information gain” in the past for SEO.  Providing new and helpful information on top of the standard terms everyone knows should show up in content about your topic.  Relating it to your geographic market and adding extra information that you can provide as being an insider in your market.

Content is King

content is king seoBecause of the importance of content and because this always happens when things are important for ranking in SEO, industries pop up to try to “cheat” at it to some extent.  That is happening now in the world of content creation with AI.  Now I should be clear that if your content is unique, well written, helpful, and shows expertise in the topic area, it is not cheating. The problem is that AI isn’t there yet. No matter how tempting it would be to buy a program that writes those blog posts or pieces of content for us, it just isn’t the answer. At least not yet. In fact, Google has come out and stated that AI or machine-generated content is not high quality enough for good SEO yet.  Adding more bad content to your site will actually hurt your overall credibility. So not only will jumping on the AI content bandwagon right now not help you. It will likely hurt you in your SEO plans.  If your agency is selling AI content to you, stop accepting it.  It will hurt you in the long run.

Humans Writing for Humans for SEO

At the end of the day, despite everyone trying to rank in the Google algorithm, your content is for your users. Google is getting better at looking at ranking from a user’s perspective every day, so you are better off pleasing users than pleasing machines. As AI gets better at understanding that, it may be an option down the road. However, I’m even skeptical of that, as most standard content writing machines are going to start writing essentially the same content, which will result in a lot of the same stuff. Add your own expertise and personality to what you write. I know many business owners are nervous about writing, but you know your business best. If you need a little help structuring that knowledge into great writing, that is ok. But for now, stick with the humans.