As I have been doing pretty much since I started this company, I will be attending SMX Advanced in Seattle next week, the premiere conference addressing search marketing in the world.  The best minds in the industry all converge on Seattle and it allows me to absorb and share with the people that are in this with me every day.  In the early days I learned a great deal each year at this conference.  In recent years it has been more to verify what I already know and learn a little tweak or background data here and there to help back up some points.

We also learn more about new things on the horizon and recent search algorithm update data.  For example, Apple is about to launch what may eventually be their competitor to Google this month. There will be some buzz around that and also the recent Google maps changes that have seen ranking differences.  All of this helps me better serve my clients better.

It also gives me a chance to ask the sources on any specific issues I  may have. A few years ago I was able to talk over a Google local issue directly with the head of Google’s local team and get the issue, which had been a pain for several months, finally addressed from the top down.  This conference is highly valuable and I plan to attend for years to come as it is always well worth the entry fee for both me and my clients.

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Again Attending SMX Advanced in Seattle Next Week
Google Certified Partner and SEM Specialist
I'm headed out to Seattle next week for SMX Advanced. This is the premiere search marketing conference in the world and I'm happy and proud to be a part of it.
Jeremy Skillings