SEO, PPC, or Both Done Successfully While You Gain a Commission

Search engine marketing, when done properly, is one of the best tactics for business success.  As a professional providing help and assistance for your clients in marketing and web success, you want to give you clients every possible way to succeed and to show them that choosing you was a great choice for their business.

Now help them navigate the search world to bring in new clients with a trusted company that stands out from the crowd. We have ten years in the search business and are A+ BBB. Connecting You Can Be Found to your clients can bring your clients more happiness and success, while at the same time providing you another revenue stream.  You Can Be Found offers an ongoing commission based on contract value for any ongoing clients you connect with us.  We have many satisfied clients that we work with directly, but also regularly come in as a referral source for web developers, marketing consultants, and IT professionals.

This allows you to concentrate on what you do best, but know that your clients are in good hands moving forward with a quality SEO, PPC or combined plan to better serve their business and make you look even better in their eyes.

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