I wrote last week about the importance of showing your “credibility” going forward to Google and more importantly, your website visitors. Google just gets better at figuring out ways to measure these things and factor them into the equation.  I spend a lot of time telling people to lead with your solutions because the first thing a searcher or visitor wants to know when they land on a page on your site is that you can solve their problem. But once that is established, they want to know if they can trust you and if you know what you are doing. There are many ways to show this throughout your site and your content, but one big place to lay out the whole story is by revisiting the good old “About Page”.

“About” Your Credibility

Why should they pick you? There are ways to sprinkle in reviews and badges on your site, as well as explaining, on your individual product or service pages, how you know what you are doing. Show your experience and success in all of those specific and individual areas. That is all important. But what is also showing to be important in the “Credibility Era” of SEO, is bringing your About Page back to life with more consideration and telling a better story. For many small businesses, the About Page is a bit of an afterthought, but now it is a chance to lay out the full story of why you should be chosen. Everyone, including myself, could spend some time getting your About Page in order this spring.

Key Components of the About Page

So what are some good things to make sure you include on your About Page? I recently shared to my social media followers a number of examples of About Pages, but many of these are more big business-based. But from a high level it is all the same. Here are some key concepts to make sure you include in your About Page or area of your site.

  • Show you have experience for SEO successExperience: Years in business or combined experience. I would recommend including the year your business began.  Experience and longevity are important signs of trust.
  • Success:
    • Reviews: If you can get your reviews embedded on your site, that is great.  In the old days, we would quote reviews, but embedding them shows more credibility because it can link back to an unbiased third-party source.
    • Awards: it is ok to show off here. Share awards, accomplishments, and accreditations you may have for you, your staff, or your business.
  • Licenses and Certifications:  Include any specific licenses or certifications related to what you do. In many industries, these are required, and in some, things like being insured, etc. can separate you from the pack.
  • Staff Names/Pictures: Show there are true people behind your business. Show their “credibility” and expertise.
  • List Areas of Expertise: Mention what you specialize in. You should have more detailed pages about all of these things, but mentioning the big ones in a list can help someone that is still window shopping. Also point out your geographic expertise. That may be a differentiator as well.
  • Contact Info: Make it clear you are real and easy to get in touch with.  Credibility is having someone to reach if things don’t go perfectly. Hiding behind a website and having no clear way to reach or even know where a business is located, is a big red flag for users, and for Google.
  • Mission Statement: Why did you get into business and what are you trying to do? Great spot for your quick “elevator speech” about what you do.
  • Community Involvement: Nothing shows credibility quite like showing how you improve the world around you. What organizations are you a part of that help your community, industry, or the world in general?

Generally, if you cover the above bullet points in your About section, you will be in a much better place in terms of your “credibility”. Of course, new businesses are going to have less experience and will need to focus on other positives, but this is your chance to legitimately show off to your visitors. Not everyone is going to visit this page, but it is important it is there if they need it, and it is an even more important piece of the ranking puzzle these days as Google measures your “credibility”.