The bottom line is what really matters. In the confusing world of SEO I see all sorts of claims that inflate reality. Sure, brand new sites can triple their traffic, etc.  The difference between tripling 1000 visitors per month and tripling 2 visitors per month is quite significant.  Many of these inflated claims, if true at all, are using percentages to blow up new site numbers. This post is about realistic numbers. This is a long standing business. They had one location in New Jersey and had been around for years.  They came to me for help with SEO. We did it the right way and a realistic way and focused on their bottom line. Getting new patient calls and appointments.  With just website organic traffic, we improved this important bottom line by nearly 300K in 2022.  We also boosted their calls from their Google Business page by over 9%, or a value to them of $162K, putting the SEO improvement to around $450K.  This was not a jump from zero. They already had a long standing practice, but they wanted to invest in digital marketing and invest in doing SEO the right way. That is where we stepped in.

SEO ReviewsFlexibility With Your Marketing Team

Just like every search is different, we know every business is different. Even businesses in the same industry have different types of operations. Some have an extensive marketing team and some need to lean on us for everything. In this particular case, there was a point person at the client that helped with communication and planning, but they leaned on us to help with content, link outreach, and key SEO strategy and implementation. In some cases, clients can provide their own content with a little guidance and SEO infusion.  We take pride in smoothing the gaps in your organization. Your budget goes to the things you can’t, or don’t want to do on your own.  With over 15 years of experience doing the SEO the right way, the most important wisdom is knowing what to spend limited resources on and what is wasteful. With our years of experience and contacts, we can help you learn how to fish or fish for you, but we have top-notch skills in all the necessary places.

Understanding the Bottom Line

We work closely with clients to understand what matters. When this client got set up, they weren’t measuring conversion goals to see what was working and what wasn’t. This is important to help make the right decisions as you grow. It isn’t always about more traffic, but about the traffic that converts.  If you are a local business, it doesn’t necessarily matter if your blog post went “viral” and got traffic in other markets. Now there is value in getting seen and potentially linked to, but way too often people get stuck focusing on traffic, and not whether the traffic converts. It is important to us to stay close with the client, and not only push for new patient calls and appointments in this case, but trying to make sure those new patients are in the areas the client wants to target. Sometimes you have a number of services, but they don’t all make as much money for the business. We have many clients who ask us to focus more on specific areas of the business that drive the most profit. That makes sense.  It is an important part of any plan. We are here to partner with you for the success of your practice, not to make graphs that show you got visitors to your website. This is #1.

Another mistake often made is letting your web developer do your SEO for you. I have seen so many situations where this sent people down the wrong path. There are some basic things they can do, and I have trusted web developers that I know understand these fundamentals, but SEO is ongoing work, and to do it right, you need someone that lives and breathes SEO. The climate is constantly changing and I’ve seen so many sites failing because the developer uses tactics from ten years ago, or even two years ago. If you want to do it right, go to a pro with a great track record.

The Right SEO Mix to Succeed

Every situation is different.  Just like Google has different priorities that factor into each search based on user intent, we have different plans based on client intent.  What is their budget? what are their strengths and weaknesses? We work smarter so that we can get you success at the budget you decide on.  We will be straight with you when we first do your free audit, how far behind you are , and more information about the road to catch up.  Count on someone who has been there and seen it all, and succeeded. If you want to know what some others have said about (other than the examples here), check out our reviews here. We are also graded A+ with the BBB.