A few business notes for You Can Be Found.  In the past few months, we have reached a couple of milestones. Though we have been around since 2006, first as our original name, The SEO Helpdesk, and then with our DBA You Can Be Found, which seemed to relate better to people that were confused by SEO.  We recently hit the 10 years as an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau milestone, as well as finally getting the You Can Be Found name trademarked for our industry, which was a long time coming.

The You Can Be Found Name

You Can Be Found TrademarkOver the years, many have commented on how they liked the name You Can Be Found, as it perfectly captured what I try to do for small businesses.  I have had a few moments of confusion over the name. I have twice been confused for a private investigator. I could see where the name may cause a little confusion there.  The heart of the name is the simplicity and getting right to the point of helping businesses get found in the search engines. Though we have expanded a bit over the years to offer services that help with search on the edges, such as content marketing and display advertising, the heart of our business is helping “You” get found on the internet to get more business.

I have taken pride in working closely with business owners since 2006 to go about SEO and paid search the right way and the ethical way. Working together through Google algorithm updates and changes in technology to best utilize a clients search budget to keep moving them forward. As search as evolved, we have stuck with it, with annual trips to Seattle for the most advanced search conference in the world, and regular attendance at Local University conferences, with the greatest minds in local search. This commitment to quality and doing things the right way is what makes my name work and have weight.  I don’t often toot my own horn, but both of these were proud moments of longevity and trustworthiness as staples in the industry.

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